Periworkout Nutrition to Maximize Performance during Sport and Training

By Elliot Fisher MS, ATC, CSCS, PES Nutrition plays an important role in sport performance.  Periworkout nutrition (pre, intra, and post) is a very important variable in maximizing performance during sport or training.  There are many products that advertise as being best for periworkout nutrition, including pre workouts, bcaa supplements, and post workout drinks.  This […]

Elliot’s Periodization #2

By Elliot Fisher MS, ATC, CSCS, PES This next mesocycle will start a recomposition block.  The focus is to lose fat while retaining muscle.  After this, there will be another 5 week mesocycle of dieting, followed by a mesocycle of mass gain.  This is done as the two back to back mesocycles will help lose […]

The Benefits of Resistance Training for Older Adults

By Elliot Fisher MS, ATC, CSCS, PES Physical activity is important for positive health outcomes.  With age, it becomes more difficult to maintain good health.  Resistance training is a specific modality of exercise/physical activity that has many benefits that can assist in health maintenance over time.1 These health benefits are very specific to many of […]

The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

By Elliot Fisher MS, ATC, CSCS, PES Cardiovascular exercise is important for both sport performance and health.  High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method that has some greater advantages than traditional steady state cardiovascular work.  HIIT uses a high intensity effort, around 90% effort or maximal effort, with intervals of lower effort to facilitate […]