Exercise Video Categories

Consider this your weekly fitness fix as we add a new exercise each week.  This may consist of a couple exercises or a full workout. So don’t forget to check back with us regularly.

Cardio Workouts

Endurance and calorie-burning routines. These sweat dripping workouts that will keep you focused.

Core Exercises

A strong core is the foundation for your whole body. These will help you improve athletic ability and stay pain free.

Functional Training

Live better and feel great. These workouts train the body for activities you perform in your daily life.

Gymnastic Ring Training

Train like a gymnast. Ring training is a versatile tool to build muscle, increase strength, and acquire a toned physique.

Kettlebell Routines

A true game changer. Improve strength, cardio endurance, coordination, and flexibility with these workouts.

TRX Training

Suspension training that uses all your bodyweight. These routines are great for all fitness levels.

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