About Us

Founded in 2011, BRN Fitness LLC is a personal training studio located in Carnegie. Designed for the busy professional, BRN Fitness offers private one-on-one appointments and small group sessions scheduled around clients’ needs. BRN Fitness is a premier fitness training experience in an intimate, engaged setting.

The BRN training philosophy couples cutting-edge equipment with tailored workout regimens. This personalized plan approach not only defines the exercises a client should be doing, but takes into account max potential and fatigue level, constantly adjusting the workout to push for maximum results.

BRN scouts the best trainers in the Pittsburgh area so clients always have access to new industry techniques, years of experience and a mix of proven training methods that match the specific goals of each client. BRN trainers have attained advanced education in sports-related fields and certifications in emerging fitness programs. They have competitive athletic experience themselves as well as professional athletic training experience in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Main services provided:

We have some exceptional trainers that focus on an ideal combination of classic and innovative training techniques to provide dynamic workouts that suit all fitness levels.

Our approach at BRN Fitness is to prepare each client for life’s challenges, from competing in a race to keeping up with small children.  At BRN Fitness, we strive to train clients to be not just fit, but also functional.