Dan Butera

Owner/Head Trainer

Dan Butera is head trainer, founder and owner of BRN Fitness. A corporate fitness specialist, Dan has been in the industry for more than 10 years and specializes
in unconventional methods of training integrated into dynamic workouts. He incorporates sandbags, battling ropes, kettle bells and other unique methods and equipment into the specialized workout plans he designs for each client.

An athlete at heart, Dan has always considered fitness and exercise to be a
central part of his life. At the young age of six, he took up wrestling and competed throughout the United States. His success provided a scholarship at Bloomsburg University, prompting Dan to think about exercise science as a field of study. Even while still in college, Dan began training clients and soon realized empowering individuals to become physically fit, improve their self-esteem and conquer their goals was not just a hobby but a life goal of his own. While in college, he also pursued a minor in corporate fitness and expanded his clientele to include athletes, models, and CEOs.

From the start of his career, Dan has acquired a strong clientele with a mix of professional and athletic backgrounds. After stints at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York and Extreme Fitness 3 in Pittsburgh, Dan was ready to branch out on his own again. He wanted to be able to fully control the environment in which
he was training clients and offer competitive, specifically designed programs that would propel clients to their fitness goals.

Dan founded BRN Fitness in 2011 in Robinson Township with a desire to reach, train and impact the Pittsburgh professional community. A positive thinker with an encouraging demeanor, Dan trains each individual as if he or she is an athlete — pushing limits, endurance and expectations. He believes clients need to have a passion for their workout regimen and for their overall fitness goals.

Nathan Bumblis

Personal Trainer

Nathan holds a BSBA in Sport Management from Robert Morris University and has been actively personal training since 2007.  His training certification is maintained through American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) and he also maintains current CPR/AED certification.

Nathan has experience in a clinical setting, assisting with chiropractic and physical therapy rehabilitation.  He has a functional approach to training, ensuring a proper base of core strength and flexibility as the cornerstone for any program he designs.  He has worked with people as young as 5 and up to 86 years of age.  Whether the goal is athletic/performance training, weight loss, getting fit, staying fit or simply staying active, Nathan can help!

Sam DeRusso

Masters Degree in Sports Management

Sam DeRusso is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association. She holds her bachelors degree from the University of Central Florida and her Masters in Sport Management from Ithaca College. She also regularly attends strength & conditioning conferences. She loves to weight lift and regularly runs road races.

Sam has worked with athletes of all backgrounds, including collegiate and high school athletes. She has experience in the collegiate weight room setting as well as several years of personal training experience. Her programs consist of a variety of methods to help clients reach their goals and keep fitness fun. She loves to help her clients achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss, sports performance, strength or general fitness.


Bobby Davenport


Has participated in and coached collegiate athletics. s a health and fitness professional of 14 years of experience, Bobby respects and appreciates what competitive/fitness activities provide. For some it’s entertainment, for others an opportunity for personal growth, and for a small number of the elite, a career. Although he enjoys athletic competition, his true passion is athletic growth and development. Nothing brings him more joy than helping athletes–be they young, old, recreational, organized or professional to grow as a complete person. Providing the instruction and environment for his athletes to develop mentally and physically, to understand and embrace their true capacity for performance and competitive spirit is what this strength coach is all about.


Elliot Fisher 


Elliot is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master of Science in Health, Physical Activity, and Chronic Disease.  He studied Athletic Training at Duquesne University for his undergraduate education.  Elliot has worked with many different athletes both for performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation.  Additionally, he has been a part of many different research projects including the effects of occlusion training on strength and hypertrophy, as well as the effects posture has on cardiovascular measures.  He currently competes in powerlifting in the USAPL.  Elliot is committed to helping his clients achieve their best results.



Silas “Sy” Hall

B.A. in Psychology / Personal Trainer

Silas  specializes in performance training for athletes.  He has a B.A. in Psychology from Norfolk State University and a NETA Personal Trainer Certification with supplemental training in Core and Assessment, and Healthy Living Principles.  

Silas has a lifetime of experience in elite sports arenas and has coached youth, teen and adult athletes for several years.  He believes that with the focus, motivated effort and proper training athletes can break through goals to reach an even greater performance.  His mixture of training styles include plyometrics, isometrics, and resistance bands to improve speed, agility, power, balance, and reaction time.

Silas is also an active athlete.  Training and exercising in martial arts, boxing, tennis, football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer. You can always find him looking for ways to improve his knowledge of movement and power for his athletes. His motto is “NO BREAKS, JUST BREAK THRU!”

Andrew WadeAndrew


Andrew Wade is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist living in Pittsburgh. His company, Case Specific Nutrition, offers a broad array of consulting services to clients including custom meal plans and nutrition and lifestyle coaching. He operates from the ideal that the path to wellness for each person is unique (“Case Specific”), and works with his clients to achieve their individual goals. “My goal is to help my clients find their definition of healthy, and create it using diet and exercise. I specialize in weight loss, maximizing performance, and general healthy lifestyle planning.”

BRN members receive a 20% discount on consulting services with Case Specific Nutrition. In addition, some health insurance companies will cover consultations with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist as one of your benefits. Case Specific Nutrition also offers couples, family, and group consultations, as well as public speaking.

Please visit Case Specific Nutrition ( for more information or to schedule a consultation. More Case Specific educational guidance on nutrition and lifestyle choices can be found on his blog,