Success Stories

Check out some of our most successful clients and see how BRN Fitness helped them attain a healthy lifestyle.

Mike Carlin's Case Study Photo

Mike Carlin

Glass Artist, 58

A guy who worked out most of his life but never seemed to get the ultimate results he wanted.

Tammy Bojanovaic

Tammy Bojanovaic

Pharmacist, 26

A friendly pharmacist looking to lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle, and whip her body back into shape.

Wayne Carringer Case Study Photo

Wayne Carringer

Communications, 48

A man with constant hip and back pain that just wanted to feel better and enjoy life without pain.

Abby Swain

Abby Swain

Teacher, 27

An active individual who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and was preparing to conceive her first child.

Linda Trocchio Case Photo

Linda Trocchio

Stay at home mom, 41

A woman in her 40’s training harder than most people in their 20’s.

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