Mike Carlin Glass Artist, 58


Mike has been a gym rat most of his life.  He was beginning to get in his early 50’s and started lacking motivation to push himself.  Mike came to me 7 years ago and wanted to bulk up and stay injury free.  He also wanted to work on flexibility, core work, and balance.

Summary of Program

We began a training program 4-5 days each week and Mike hasn’t looked back since.


Mike has conquered every goal he has set .  In his 1st year he wanted to put on 20lbs of muscle.  That goal was achieved.  Next he wanted to be able to do boot camps and fast paced training to shred down and lose body fat.  Now he trains to stay injury free and to be able to do the activities he did in his 20’s and 30’s.  Mike comes with 110% every workout and that is why he gets the results he deserves.