Our Approach

At BRN Fitness our approach is simple:  we will train you to be functionally fit, so you can do the things you love while looking and feeling your best. Our trainers use methods that challenge both your mind and body in order to simultaneously improve mental and physical capabilities.

Why Us?

We’re more than just a fitness training center. Here’s 3 of the many reasons to work with BRN Fitness for your fitness training needs.

  • 1. Educated Staff

    All of our trainers have four-year degrees in the exercise science field. This means we bring both practical experience and utilize proven, time-tested fitness techniques to help you reach your goals.

  • 2. Great Environment

    We understand that our customers value one-on-one and small group training. The environment at BRN is very private and fit to suit clients that want that close attention.

  • 3. You’ll Love the Results

    Our workout routines are intense and achieve results. The first thing we do is understand your goals and map out a training program. Then we create a customized workout that will have you feeling like your training to be the next Rocky Balboa.

A Few Other Things…

Before beginning any fitness routine with us, we will screen you for weaknesses in movement so that we can work to strengthen and resolve your limitations throughout your exercise program.  We will also create customized workouts based on your weight loss or sport-specific goals.

Most importantly, our trainers will motivate you to discover what your body is capable of when you challenge yourself.