Wayne Carringer Communications, 48


Wayne came to BRN a little over a year ago.  He complained about constant hip and back pain from an accident he suffered in his past.  We set him up on a training/rehabilitation program 2x per week.

Summary of Program

The training consisted of TRX training, core work, balance and flexibility work.  We worked very closely with his hip and back injuries, as we slowly worked on the rehab process.  As time progressed he also began a strength-training regimen focused on full body training.


Wayne has improved his hip and back strength to a point he rarely feels it anymore.  He has improved his posture, and his flexibility has made dramatic jumps.  His has witnessed strength gains and he has lost 30lb.  Wayne has decreased 8% on his body fat and he feels great.  He came to feel better about himself and eliminate pain, but now he is a fit individual who can enjoy activities with friends such as camping, hiking, gardening, and traveling.