Tammy Bojanovaic Pharmacist, 26


Tammy came to BRN looking to get back in shape.  She was finishing pharmacy school and her eating habits went the wrong way.  She would eat fast food and did not do any exercise routine.

Tammy quickly gained 40lbs and felt helpless.  Tammy needed to change her lifestyle before things began to get even worse.

Summary of Program

Tammy began working out 2x per week at BRN and did cardio 2-3x per week on her own.  We incorporated High Intensity Interval Training that forced her to be pushed to her limits.  She was guided to eating the right food and making the right decisions.  She would eat 5 small meals throughout the day and drink lots of water to keep hydrated.


Tammy is now in the best shape of her life.  She has lost all the weight she had put on and some.  She has toned arms and a lean model figure.  She still trains 2x per week at BRN and loves doing outdoor activities such as biking and canoeing.  Tammy now realizes that all the hard work she put in paid off.  She promises to herself to live a healthy active lifestyle from now on.