Springtime Stress Reduction

Springtime Stress Reduction!!!   Smart, Timely, Really…$%$^@# this is just stressing me out even more. It’s almost that time of year, spring panic!  Err…cleaning.  It’s that magical time of year when we stop making time for ourselves and only focus on the things that surround us.  It’s important to take care of yourself year round […]

Fad Diets: The D is for danger(ous)

Fad Diets: The D is for danger(ous)   How about I design a new diet program and exercise routine?  The DS system: extremely intense plyometrics followed by several 1-RMs and a half-marathon…daily.  For your diet, just go ahead and eliminate everything except gummi bears for empty calories and a multivitamin for your nutrients. I’m ready […]

The Weighted Vest

  Weighted vest training.  Sounds very militant…almost draconian, does it not?  As it so happens to be, it can be a very useful training tool for activation of multiple muscle groups.  Cardiovascular and resistance training have always been that classic battle in the gym.  We need to train both equally, but the options therein are […]

New Years Resolutions

What is in a New Year’s Resolution? A person makes a New Year’s Resolution to better themselves in one way or another.  Two of the top resolutions each year are to exercise more often and to lose weight.  These are changes that are within reach for everyone, the question is whether you stick to your […]

Kale Chips

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, similar to brussel sprouts and broccoli. With this easy recipe kale chips can be a healthy alternative to potato or corn chips. They are packed with nutrients and low in calories and sodium.