Benefits of Turmeric

Pain Relievers In many countries turmeric is used to make a topical compress for muscle strains and injuries. Turmeric is ground up to create a powder which is then mixed with water to create a paste. This paste is applied to the site and covered with a hot soaked rag. In this aspect, the anti-inflammatory […]

Essential Oils: Why are they the better option?

By: Adelle Collins/BRN Fitness If you ask your health care professional their thoughts on the use of essential oils in place of drugs they may tell you that you are crazy or that you can try but you will probably experience some nasty side effects. This is because medical students are repeatedly told by their […]

Simple Protein Pancakes

By: Adelle Collins/BRN Fitness I have tried many protein pancake recipes, but this one is by far the most simple and delicious! This is a breakfast that is not only healthy, but low in carbs, and full of protein to stay energized all day long. If you have had a bad experience with protein pancakes […]

Running Season

By: Adelle Collins/BRN Fitness It’s getting warmer outside and the sun is starting to shine. That means it’s time to put on your running shoes and get going. If you are an avid runner, this exercise might be a part of your daily routine, something that you live for, but for those of us who […]