The Weighted Vest


Weighted vest training.  Sounds very militant…almost draconian, does it not?  As it so happens to be, it can be a very useful training tool for activation of multiple muscle groups.  Cardiovascular and resistance training have always been that classic battle in the gym.  We need to train both equally, but the options therein are limited.

Enter the weighted vest.

The isokinetic load (force on the muscles without motion) placed on the back, hips, and legs with weighted vests works to stimulate the musculature  in a different plane than is typically seen with transitional movements (i.e. walking).  What this does is causes the antagonistic muscles (the muscles that work opposite to those required for a certain activity) to contract and work in synergy with the agonist muscles – it partially works by throwing off your center of balance.

Weighted vests are, as you may have gleaned, for strength building.  To simplify their purpose think of it as if you were to suddenly put on a bulk amount of weight overnight.  It would take more strength overall to maneuver your body.  Still question this logic?  Go toe to toe in a competition of strength v. body mass with a recent post-natal woman.


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