New Years Resolutions

What is in a New Year’s Resolution?

A person makes a New Year’s Resolution to better themselves in one way or another.  Two of the top resolutions each year are to exercise more often and to lose weight.  These are changes that are within reach for everyone, the question is whether you stick to your goal.  Statistics are unfortunately against us; as time goes on people are falling short of their goals.  Past the first week 75% of people are maintaining their resolution, past 2 weeks 71%, one month 64% and after 6 months 46%.

In making a New Year’s resolution, you must make reasonable goals for yourself.  For example do not start off the year stating that you would like to lose 50 pounds this year or I would like to run a marathon in March.  Start small and work up.  Making an end time for a goal will only discourage you from continuing especially if you aren’t progressing at a rate that will make it happen.

Also, to help with falling short, make your goal fit your lifestyle.  Do not change your life so that you regret taking on a challenge.  In the examples above, start with working out one more day than you are used to, get used to it, and then add on.  Do not go all in and work out every day; you will only burn yourself out and most of the time quit altogether.  Similarly, with losing weight, don’t cut all of your indulgences all day every day.  I once heard that what you do most of the time is what is important, not what you do some of the time.  You need your time to “cheat” in order to not get burned out!

Challenge yourself to not become a statistic.  If you find yourself becoming discouraged, look at your stepping stones to your goals and make changes.  Changes to goals are much better that quitting altogether!  Check our trainer page out at and let us help you achieve your fitness goals toward a overall healthy lifestyle.


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