Negative Energy

Do you have goals in mind and something or someone is holding you back from them?  Many people have negative energy in their lives.  You have to get away from whatever is holding you back from your goals.  Many people eat horrible. Those same people, who eat bad, are negative influences on your life.  They try to crack jokes and make fun of you because you would rather cook your meals than be eating wings or pizza.  There is nothing wrong with being a healthy person.  When you eat good, exercise and take care of yourself you feel great.

I have had negative clients in my past and they actually brought me down.  They would never get results and their overweight spouse or friends wouldn’t support them.  They would come to workout and would feel miserable about themselves.  .  People need to eliminate themselves from distractions or you will be miserable not happy with yourself.  Focus on yourself and surround yourself with positive people.  These people are the people who care and want you to succeed.

Try these methods to help eliminate negative energy

  • Cook your own meals during the week and leave going out for the weekends
  • Engage your partner to go on walks or bike rides together.  Maybe even take the dog for a walk together
  • Stay away from people who aren’t positive and don’t support you and your goals
  • Balance your work schedule and your exercise routines so they don’t clash
  • Be happy and know that you are taking care of your body.


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