Hard Work Pays Off

People say you have to work hard to win, well in the sport of wrestling this is definitely true.  I wrestled my whole life since I was 5 years old.  My father got me into the sport when I was young and I am truly grateful he did today.  I had a great career winning 2 W.P.I.A.L titles and placing 2nd and 6th in the state championships in Pennsylvania.  I went on to wrestle at Division I Bloomsburg University.  My career in wrestling ended early but I learned so much from the sport.  I learned the harder you work the better you become.  The more you practice the better you get.  The higher caliber of competition makes you better in the long run.  I also learned respect and morals from the sport that I continue to have as an adult.  This is definitely the most important thing I have learned and I will pass it down to my daughter Capri.  No matter what sport she chooses, she will put 100 percent effort and I will be there to push her and support her.  She won’t be a wrestler; my dad probably wishes she was, but maybe our next child.

I put so much hard work into opening BRN Fitness.  With the help of my family and friends my dream came true.  It’s not easy now; every day is hard work still.  I look back and realize it started at a young age of learning things.  I love helping people achieve their goals, and when they see results I am thrilled as much as they are.  I feel like I am doing my job.

So when people say hard work pays off, Believe It. Put 100 percent effort into whatever you do and never give up your dreams.


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