Fad Diets: The D is for danger(ous)

Fad Diets: The D is for danger(ous)


How about I design a new diet program and exercise routine?  The DS system: extremely intense plyometrics followed by several 1-RMs and a half-marathon…daily.  For your diet, just go ahead and eliminate everything except gummi bears for empty calories and a multivitamin for your nutrients.

I’m ready for my award now!

I want to discuss fad diets.  Every month (to be generous) there is another miracle diet coming out.  Does anyone else even realize that hCG is just a protein marker that shows in your blood to confirm a pregnancy?  I don’t know about you, but as a male I am uncomfortable putting that in my body; and, females, it seems a bit risky without years of peer-reviewed research to support it, does it not?

Here’s a crash course in proper dieting and basic human physiology.  From the most basic physiological stance, you want your body to be working as near to 100% efficiency as possible to maximize the results from any exercise.  Disruption in your normal diet (and thus, homeostasis) will limit the body’s ability to gain results from exercise.

Oh, also those diets are usually pretty gross so I say just hit the gym a little more, mix it up, and test out some previously researched and FDA approved supplements.  You’ll thank me when men start getting pregnant from the hCG “diet.”


Drew Smith,

Exercise Physiologist


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