Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Your first thought when you hear someone mention wheatgrass might be “A grass? Isn’t that something you give to barnyard animals?”, and when you see it being juiced, it does not look like something you would pick up at your local smoothie shop. However, this little green drink does a lot more for your body than you would think.

Effective Healer

Wheatgrass is considered an effective healer due to it containing every man-known mineral in addition to vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K. While also being rich in protein, it contains 17 animo acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Chlorophyll Benefits

Many people do not know about the benefits of chlorophyll on the human body. There are A LOT of them, and wheatgrass is the superior source of it. Wheatgrass juice itself contains 70% chlorophyll.

Some of the benefits to all of that chlorophyll include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping build blood in the body
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Functioning as an antibacterial inside and outside the body
  • Being able to get into body tissues and slowly renew it (liquid form)
  • And much more!

Promotes Weight Loss

In the fitness industry and in general healthy lifestyles, maintaining a healthy weight is recommended. If weight loss is an issue, consider wheatgrass. One ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to two pounds of produce in nutritional value. Because of this, the part of your brain that controls food intake, the appestat, is naturally shut off. If weight loss is an issue and diets do not seem to be working, your appestat may be set too high.

In addition to weight loss, wheatgrass juice cures acne, helps prevent tooth decay and fights toothaches, heals a sore throat if gargled, and improves digestion.

Even though the look of wheatgrass juice may be deterring, the benefits definitely outweigh the appearance. I have personally learned more about wheatgrass juice than I ever knew before and will definitely be adding it to my lifestyle!


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