SOUND offers a unique environment, emphasizing quality over quantity,
ensuring the maximum results in an injury-free environment.

The Class

Pioneering the most innovative tools and equipment in the industry, BRN Fitness has created SOUND. Sound is a class that offers clients a truly authentic environment, utilizing unorthodox devices such as prowlers, sleds, kettlebells, traveling rings, Keiser functional equipment, climbing ropes, bungees, and Olympic weightlifting devices, as well as more traditional circuits into a phenomenal workout called SOUND.

SOUND offers a unique environment, emphasizing quality over quantity, ensuring the maximum results in an injury free environment. The team of elite trainers at BRN Fitness is experienced, inspiring, and extremely well educated. Each trainer will offer their own unique twist to every workout, so clients will consistently maximize results and never get burned out by the same routine.

Our Instructors

Each of our instructors has their own unique approach to instructing SOUND. For example, Dan focuses on high intensity and more advanced routines while Zac’s methods are geared towards more low intensity workouts.

This provides you the flexibility of selecting an instructor that fits your particular needs and workout styles so you can get the best results.

  • Dan

  • Bobby

  • Sam

  • Nate


My Approach to SOUND

When conditioning as an athlete, business professional, or every day Joe, you need to follow an effective format. Using a complete warm up of the central nervous system you will learn to use movement and mobility preparations that include modalities such as dynamic stretching, and various reactive drills.

Become more agile and reactive with a series of speed, agility, & quickness drills that will train your brain to become more coordinated, efficient, and powerful. Increase muscle strength and endurance with a fusion of strength exercises and finally challenge both your aerobic/anaerobic energy systems with a final conditioning circuit. Because your workout is only as good as its recovery, we will finish with a series of flexibility/mobility/cool down techniques. You will see results!


My Approach to SOUND

We are a whole body not just biceps, abs and glutes. As such, one should develop the whole body with the entire body. My approach to coaching my athletes to a SOUND mind & body is the complete development of the entire body from the inside-out and from the bottom-up. Through the use of compound movements in both strength and conditioning formats with the integration of corrective training patterns and myofascial releasethe entire organism will experience tremendous growth! If you can wake-up and move around every day, then you can train your entire body every day.

  • Refined motor skills
  • Increased flexibility & mobility
  • Improved mechanics
  • Development/Improvement of Grit (mental toughness)
  • Increased self-awareness & confidence
  • Magnified strength & conditioning
  • You will look & feel amazing

My Approach to SOUND

My high energy attitude mixed with my love for strength & conditioning workouts will be sure to leave you feeling the effects of Sound after class! My classes are a blend of body weight movements, free weights, kettle bells, and plenty of fun with the sleds, tires, ropes, and more. I mix in copious amounts of intervals of both cardio and strength movements to keep you getting leaner, meaner, and stronger each class!


My Approach to SOUND

My workout is a test of strength and endurance as you work through circuits/intervals using your own bodyweight as the resistance. This full body workout is an athlete-inspired class which features the agility ladder, plyometrics, monkey bars, and animal movements in combination with other traditional moves to keep you challenged AND having fun!